Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days

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In September of 2014 I joined an online challenge to create 30 paintings in 30 days. I had never done something like this before, but I was excited to try. The paintings seen here are the 30 paintings I created that September. I ended up only having two days where I couldn’t finish the painting that day and finished it the next morning. All of my paintings for this were 6”x6” and I ended up coming up with a theme of alliteration in the titles and using objects that included something natural like a bird or lemon with objects that were man-made. After figuring out my theme, the paintings started flowing from me and I had friends on Facebook telling me that they couldn’t wait to see what the next days paintings would be. I would highly suggest artist do a challenge like this because I became faster with my watercolors and it really challenged me to create an interesting scene in a short amount of time.


These paintings from the 30-in-30 Challenge are still available (select an image to see more info):


All Thirty Paintings in Order from Day 1 to Day 30